4Nx Non-Isolated and Non-Inverting Hybrid Interleaved Multilevel Boost Converter Based on VLSIm Cell and Cockroft Walton Voltage Multiplier for Renewable Energy Applications

Bhaskar M. S. , Padmanaban S., Blaabjerg F., Norum L. E. , Ertas A. H.

IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Drives, and Energy Systems (PEDES), Trivandrum, Hindistan, 14 - 17 Aralık 2016 identifier

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  • Basıldığı Şehir: Trivandrum
  • Basıldığı Ülke: Hindistan


In this treatise, 4Nx hybrid Non Inverting & Non Isolated (NI-NI) DC-DC interleaved multi-level boost converter (4Nx IMBC) for renewable energy applications is proposed. The proposed 4Nx IMBC is derived by coalescing the feature of 2Nx DC-DC Interleaved Multi-level Boost Converter (2Nx IMBC), voltage-lift-switched-inductor-modified (VLSIm Cell) and Cockcroft Walton (CW) voltage multipliers. The 4Nx converter provides 4N times more conversion voltage ratio compared to conventional boost converter where N denotes the number of output stages of the 4Nx IMBC. To make renewable energy sources applicable at user end its DC voltage magnitude needs to be incremented with high conversion. Existing and recently proposed DC-DC converter are not sufficiently expert to employ practically, because of stability issues, high duty cycle and high ripple in the output. To overcome the conversion ratio problem isolated boost DC-DC converter are in use but it makes circuitry bulky and costly because of transformer and several coupled inductors. The converter topology proposed in this treatise reduces the output ripple and overcome the problem mentioned above without exploiting extreme values of duty cycle or transformers. Simulations results of proposed circuitry are presented which verify the analysis, function, working modes & feasibility of proposed circuitry converter.