Predictive Dual-Induction Machine Control Using Nine-Switch Inverter For Multi-Drive Systems


12th IEEE International Conference on Compatibility, Power Electronics and Power Engineering (CPE-POWERENG), Doha, Qatar, 10 - 12 Nisan 2018 identifier identifier


Nine-Switch Inverter (NSI) is a good alternative to two-level three-phase voltage source inverters (VSIs) when multiple loads exist in the system. Using multiple voltage source inverters is well known technique to drive multiple induction machines for multi-drive systems. This increases total cost and volume of the system since more discrete-components are required for designing the total system. On the other hand, Nine-Switch Inverter provides promising solution to control multiple ac loads with less number of semiconductor switches. This converter has dual-output and two ac loads can be controlled independently with no restriction. In this paper, model predictive control method is presented to control two induction machines using Nine-Switch Inverter. The proposed method uses the mathematical model of the system to predict control objectives and solves multi-objectives cost function to determine optimal control actuation. The performance of the predictive controller is evaluated by simulation work. According to simulation results, predictive controller provides good reference tracking capability in steady-state and transient.