A Wide-band and Good Gain Flatness Class AB Power Amplifier Design for Mobile Communication

Kaplan A., YÜZER A. H.

25th Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference (SIU), Antalya, Türkiye, 15 - 18 Mayıs 2017 identifier identifier


In this study, Class AB power amplifier was designed for use 3G and 4G mobile communication systems. Agilennt EEsof ADS(Advanced Design System) program was used for the design. BLF621-10G model transistor of NXP company was used as active element and Murata brand of coils and capacitors was used as passive elements. As a result of the design, a power amplifier design and simulation with 200 MHz bandwidth at 2.1 GHz was realized. When the designed power amplifier is exited with 17.5 dBm input power, a stable and good gain flatness(+/- 0.36dBm swing in the 20dB dynamic range) was obtained by obtaining 38 dBm oputput power.