Er3+ doped chalcogenide glasses and sputtered thin films: structural and spectroscopic characterization

KABALCI İ. , Hewak D. W.

5th International Symposium on Next-Generation Electronics (ISNE), Hsinchu, Tayvan, 4 - 06 Mayıs 2016 identifier identifier


In this research, we report Er3+ doped chalcogenide based glasses, well known for infrared transparency with various applications in the photonics and optoelectronics. Er3+ doped chalcogenide glasses were prepared by using vertical furnace with an argon gas atmosphere. For the structural and spectroscopic measurements, thin films at about 460nm thicknesses were deposited by using radio-frequency (RF) magnetron sputtering technique. Er3+ deposited thin films were annealed at different temperature as 450, 500, 550, and 600 degrees C in the tube furnace and rapid thermal annealer (RTA) at 2 degrees C/min, and 10 degrees C/min heating rate, respectively. As a result, absorptions, luminescence, and structural properties of the Er3+ ion doped GLS thin films were affected from different annealing process.