Wireless Communication System For Monitoring Heart Rate In The Detection And Intervention Of Emotional Regulation

Al Irfan S., Yudhana A., Mukhopadhyay S. C. , KARAŞ İ. R. , Wati D. E. , Puspitasari I.

1st International Conference on Informatics, Multimedia, Cyber and Information System (ICIMCIS), Jakarta, Endonezya, 24 - 25 Ekim 2019, ss.243-248 identifier identifier


Based on data from the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) cases of violence against children from 2010 to 2015 continued to increase which from 2010 only 171 cases increased to 2015 as many as 6006 which means that every year cases of violence against children continue to increase at least 1000 cases each year. Changes in heart rate in humans can be known through the flow of blood that flows in blood vessels. When the heart beats, the flow in the blood vessels will move so that's when the heart rate can be measured. In this study, a wireless heart rate condition data collection system will be developed and a heart rate condition sensing device that has the same capabilities as devices used in general medical activities. From the results of testing, the system designed the process of sending data goes well where of the 20 devices that send data all of that can be sent properly with a time interval of 1 second but for the sensor reading process some problem need to be solved such as interruptions in the data collection process when participants doing activities and some constraints on the choice of devices used on the server.