Effect of Resampling on Predistortion Linearizer Performance

Sanli E. B. , YÜZER A. H.

21st Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference (SIU), CYPRUS, 24 - 26 Nisan 2013 identifier identifier


Efficiency of telecommunication system is affected by the amplifier used in it. In this study, it is investigated the deterioration effect of resampling on modeling performance of that system. Digital predistortion system is used to linearize Amplifier and Unit Delay memory modeling technique is used to model amplifier behavior. Two different amplifier responses is stored in order to determine the resampling effect on DPD performance, while the first measurement result has not been resampled the other one is resampled. While there is very good improvement in the spectral regrowth for the former measurement, the later has lower improvement on DPD performance due to resampling deterioration effect. In order to diminish distortion effect of resampling when it is necessary, a new way for measurement and resampling is developed. Measurement time is increased a bit and fft filter is applied while resampling the signal. Comparable result have been reached with this new technique with respect to the technique doesn't needn't resampling.