The Analysis of Renewable Energy Researches in Turkey

Tan S. O. , Toku T., Turker I.

20th Innovative Manufacturing Engineering and Energy Conference (IManEE), Kallithea, Yunanistan, 23 - 25 Eylül 2016, cilt.161 identifier identifier


The rapid consumption of limited conventional energy resources mobilizes many countries in the world against global energy crisis. As well as the energy crisis, the environmental pollution caused by existing energy sources also encourages the researchers to study in new energy technologies and also renewable energy resources. From this point of view, it is important for each country to identify its wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, hydro and other renewable energy potentials. Considering this urgent energy requirement, the researches and especially the academic studies have been increased on renewable energy resources to meet the energy demand by means of indigenous resources in each country. Consequently, the main purpose of this study is to analyze the academic studies in Turkey to find out the increment rate of researches, their publication years and the more focusing branch on renewable energy by illustrating the statistical distribution of these data. Automated Data Retrieval Methods have been employed to achieve data from Web of Science database and statistical analyses have been made by SQL server management studio program. The academic studies in all variety of renewable energy areas have a tendency to increase which indicates the importance ratio of renewable energy in Turkey.