Improving Supply Current Quality of Dual-Output Four-Leg Indirect Matrix Converter Using Model Predictive Control


12th IEEE International Conference on Compatibility, Power Electronics and Power Engineering (CPE-POWERENG), Doha, Qatar, 10 - 12 Nisan 2018 identifier identifier


Finite Control Set Model Predictive (FCS-MPC) has been successfully applied to several power converter topologies and research on predictive control techniques has increased over the last few years. MPC method is an attractive to classical control methods because of its fast dynamic response and simple concept. MPC method uses the system discrete-model to calculate future values of the system variables for all possible control actions and computes a cost function related to control objectives to find its minimum. The switching action that minimizes the predefined cost function is selected to be applied for the next sampling period. This paper presents a supply current control technique for dual-output four-leg Indirect Matrix Converter (IMC) using the model predictive control approach. Two three-phase output load currents and the three-phase supply current can be controlled simultaneously by solving a single multi-objective cost function. In this work, simple predictive supply current control method is described and simulation results show that the proposed method performs quite well under steady-state and transient conditions.