AR Based App for Tourist Attraction in ESKI CARSI (Safranbolu)

Polat M., KARAŞ İ. R. , KAHRAMAN İ. , Alizadehashrafi B.

3rd International GeoAdvances Workshop / ISPRS Workshop on Multi-dimensional and Multi-Scale Spatial Data Modeling, İstanbul, Türkiye, 16 - 17 Ekim 2016, ss.177-181 identifier identifier


This research is dealing with 3D modeling of historical and heritage landmarks of Safranbolu that are registered by UNESCO. This is an Augmented Reality (AR) based project in order to trigger virtual three-dimensional (3D) models, cultural music, historical photos, artistic features and animated text information. The aim is to propose a GIS-based approach with these features and add to the system as attribute data in a relational database. The database will be available in an AR-based application to provide information for the tourists.