Recognizing Human Emotion patterns by applying Fast Fourier Transform based on Brainwave Features

Yudhana A., Mukhopadhyay S., KARAŞ İ. R. , Azhari A., Mardhia M. M. , Akbar S. A. , ...Daha Fazla

1st International Conference on Informatics, Multimedia, Cyber and Information System (ICIMCIS), Jakarta, Endonezya, 24 - 25 Ekim 2019, ss.249-254 identifier identifier


The natural ability of humans to receive messages from the surrounding environment can be obtained through the senses. The senses will respond to stimuli received in various conditions including emotional conditions. Psychologically, recognizing human emotions directly can be assessed from several criteria, such as facial expressions, sounds, or body movements. This research aims to analyze human emotions from the biomedical side through brainwave signals using EEG sensors. The EEG signal obtained will be extracted using Fast Fourier Transform and first-order statistical features. Monitoring of EEG Signals is obtained by grouping based on four emotional conditions (normal, focus, sadness and shock emotions). The results of this research are expected to help improve users in knowing their mental state accurately. The development of this kind of emotional analysis has the potential to create wide applications in the future environment. Research results have shown and compared frequency stimuli from normal emotions, sadness, focus and shock in a variety of situations.